Things I Saw at the New Market Basket Store Today

Me, after my return home. One trip!


1. Nothing short of Psychedelic Pandemonium. So many people.

2. People speaking ALL of the Languages

3. A woman in the produce section, asking me in broken English, with an accent I couldn’t place, if I knew what to do w/this thing. I asked her what it even was, and she said, “turmeric.” Huh, I said. I’ve never seen it like that (roots, like ginger). I only have it dried and ground. But all the cool kids are making smoothies with it. She said she heard it was good for the immune system.

4. A young employee pushing a cleaning cart, clearly on that learning curve of First Job, because he was visibly annoyed and showed it way too much when a customer bumped into him w/her cart, and had no idea what to tell the next woman who wanted to know where the tomato sauce was. Hang in there, lil fella.

5. The miniscule (and I mean microscopic) Italian products section lumped in with the Greek products. The way all Latino foods (Mexican! Dominican! Colombian! they’re all the same!) have been considered one thing–“Spanish Foods”–for years. At least they didn’t locate the Italian products with the Chef Boyardee.

6. A guy working at the meat counter, noticing my meat purchase and telling me how much he loves braciole, and how when his grandmother would come home with a veal shank, he knew he was in for the best sauce. We had a little Moment, this guy and I. I wonder if he laments the miniscule Italian/Greek foods section in his store.

7. A woman looking at olive oil at the same time that I was, and choosing some awful schlocky oil. I resisted delivering the olive oil lecture.

8.  A man in a Patriots hat, meeting my eyes and totally catching me, silently mouthing my favorite 4-syllable profanity as I pushed my full cart in the rainy parking lot and spilled my coffee.


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