My Remedies: Let Me Show You Them

remediesI’m feeling a bit better lately.  It might be these boots.  It might be these cats! img_0269   It might be the relief that 2008, and a tough and downerish holiday season (I swear, I would not have celebrated it at all if not for the kids) are over.  It might be the letting go of big, flashy New Years resolutions and the focus on a few simple things for 2009.

Or it might be my collection of remedies.  Let me show you them.  They have sort of inadvertently found their way into one kitchen cupboard, over the sink.  And the other day, when fishing in that cupboard for the garage door opener (not one of my remedies–just also stored in there), I looked and noticed that a lot of what makes me feel good, feel awake and warm and happier, is in this one place.

 On the top shelf–junkies have their junk, and I have my coffee.  There are my paper coffee filters, for making one big cup to go, with my plastic cone thing.  There’s the nearly empty brown bag of Allegro coffee, and the shiny, unopened bag of Starbucks Colombian (this was, like eight bucks, at Wal-Mart!), up next.  Silver travel mug, hiding behind the Starbucks, couple of boxes of Tazo tea behind that.  And our entire liquor cabinet to the right.  Small bottles of gin and Dewar’s and tequila and sake, untouched for a year at a time.   Container of margarita salt, and a little sterno flame thing, for when I make Fondue. 

The middle shelf has deteriorated into a kind of miscellany, but the important thing to note is the large bottle of Excedrin and the smaller, but more important, prescription bottle of my cramp medicine.  This is what enables me to function and not call in sick and be curled up like a dying animal about three days per month.  Also important is the tiny bottle of pure peppermint oil (posing shyly, in deference to the pain meds).  I read somewhere that if you put a drop or two of this oil on the collar of your shirt before going running, you’ll run like the wind and feel like you’ve never felt before.  It does smell really good–so I stop and smell it about three times per week.   And, not be outshined by the practical, there’s the little purple Frakenstein, which contains bubbles and a bubble wand.  He was a Halloween gift to one of the kids, from our neighbors next door.

On the bottom shelf, we get serious again.   The kids’ inhalers, the multi-vitamins (hers, his and the big bottle of organic gummy ones for the kids), the Airborne and our house’s lite version of Mother’s Little Helper–the SAM-e pills.  Not the ones that expired in 2006, which I bought for the Mr, and which he refused to even try, convinced that I was trying to DRUG him (hey, tomato/tomahto, and dude, you could use some of these, and also the calcium and the fish oil, what, are you going to die from stronger bones?  a healthier prostate?), and which I was too cheap to toss out–this is a fresh box. 

This SAM-e is some good shit, and it does everything that the blurbs on the outside of the box say it’s going to to, though I can’t vouch for my Liver Health.  I have no idea how it works, but since I started taking them about six weeks ago, I have a great deal more energy during the day, more ability to focus and less tendency to spiral into the darkness.  I really do feel a difference (damn–imagine me on drugs meds!?). 

P.S.  A tour through your friend’s cabinet can be fun, but do you want to see this all the time, every time you walk into my kitchen?  This, and worse?  No, you do not.  So you just banish any notions of Open Cabinetry, no matter how clean and sleek and chic they look in those magazines.


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