Krayzee-Eyez Killa

His name is Ziggy and he’s a Krazee Eyez Killa
Okay, he’s SO not a killa.  He couldn’t be further from it.   But this nickname came and stuck, even before we had adopted him, due to an Unfortunate Petfinder Photo.  Kind of like a bad dating site profile.  He has two very different colored eyes (one green and one blue, and hence his actual name) and he had a crazed look in his photo. 
Ziggy has come to us via two pretty negative events:  one, the death of our sweet and colossal and gentle 3-year old cat, Big Papi, in November (and it can’t be overstated, what a beautiful and fantastic cat he was, and how hard his death was for us);  and two, the falling through of the first kitten adoption that we pursued, due to some crazy, neurotic cat cat rescue people.   And the kitten that we called Krazee Eyes Killa when trolling Petfinder–not realizing that he’d actually end up being Our Cat–ended up being Our Cat. 
Never has there been a more affectionate and un-aloof little guy.  I am never at the computer without him jumping on my lap (or on any number of the “F” keys, which “F”s up any number of settings and screens and whatnot).  He sleeps with me all night and doesn’t get up until I do.   And what’s better than this! nudging at your face with his head? 
Krayzee-Eyez Killa

So imagine my surprise when little Mr. Stardust began doing things like taking indiscriminate dumps in places like the upstairs bathroom floor (behind the straw hamper).  The attic.  One of LittleMan’s containers of toys with Very Small Parts.  And other things, too, like ramping up his chasing of other cat Scout around the house, now in a more pervy way, it seems—putting the moves on her (or so I imagine) and really pissing her off.  “Peeing” (she said) some foul smelling stuff on daughter Stretch.  Jumping on my lap with his cat penis right out there for everyone to see!  

WTF, Ziggy!? I’ve asked many times.  But he doesn’t answer.   Dude, what is the matter with you!?  A blank stare.  I think our boy’s upcoming ManCat Prevention Surgery can’t come soon enough.


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