These Boots

Of the various mood-and-general-wellness-alterning things that I have tried in the last six weeks (disclaimer:  I have tried neither weed nor whoopee during this time, both of which could be more meaningful and wellness-improving than the boots–so this a dynamic, rather than a static, statement)– the purchase of These Boots have arguably made the most difference.  

I have been stricken this fall with a lot of random Pains.   Pains that are not so severe as to limit my functioning or get me out of any responsibilities (ha! as if), but that are more than just minor, under the radar aches.   Pains in my joints, mostly, that grow progressively worse as the day goes on.  Pains in my ankles and knees that really wear me down by evening, my hip joints and back not far behind. 

 But I digress.  Far be it for me to bait and switch my dear readers by following a post title that looks like Fashion and Fun with a post about what ails me.   It’s just that the joint pains, combined with the bad luck I’ve found this fall with finding some boots, were really wearing on me. 

So I found these boots on a less than 30-minute trip into a Bob’s Store.  For those of you who don’t live in New England, you’re either Not Missing Much or Kind of Are Missing a Great Treasure, depending on whether you have children, if so, how many pairs of athletic shoes your children need and with what frequency, and how much official sports team stuff your children like to wear, wink wink.   But I have become a Bob’s Store Whore (or, Bob’s Sto’ Ho) in recent years.   They have one of those shopper rewards programs that actually is worth doing—-so I’ll often go in there with a 25% off coupon and three or four $10 rewards certificates and combine them to get some obscenely low total at the bottom of the receipt. 

Last Sunday, we popped in to Bob’s, between LittleMan’s tennis lesson and the buying of a Christmas tree, because he needed some new basketball shoes (the shoes, which he loves, were free, via those coupons and rewards certificates I just mentioned.  Free, and they’re not some off-brand, Mart-looking shoe, they’re a great pair of shoes that he wanted from Dick’s, but they didn’t have his size).

I said, Kids?  Mom needs new boots in the worst way.  I suspect that my shoes and boots are behind at least some of my joint pains, and I can’t face another work week without a pair of flat-heeled boots.   And lo and effing behold, there were These Boots.    In the middle of a sea of God-awful Sensible Shoes and kind of cheap-looking, nondescript loafers and Ugg knockoffs (because, mecca for discounted Crocs and Celtics Sweatsuits and Nike-wear though it may be, Bob’s Store is not in any way a fashion destination).  And these boots might even fit into one of those categories, but I took one look at them and knew  that they’d fit the bill.   Hell, I was ready to buy a pair of Merill clogs, if they had had my size. 

Tried them on, deemed them Perfect and we were outta there in less than three minutes.  Or at least to the register area, where we waited and waited.  The best part?  $70 retail (really low to begin with, no?), minus some sale %, minus some additional discount.  I paid $41. 


I wore the boots every day last week.  With jeans, with a denim skirt, with colored cords.  My joints still ached, but not nearly as much as they had been when I was wearing shoes with a higher heel all week.    Now that the culprit (one of them, anyway) has been identified, the implications of this have not escaped me–the possibility that higher heeled shoes (even ones that I wore all last winter and was fiiine) are going to Mess Me Up, and I need to quit wearing them. 

Though they’re a water-resistant-looking, fine-looking sort of patent-pleather, I don’t know how they are in actual winter weather, and so I sit and stew until my backordered Land’s End snow boots arrive.


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