A Case for Foodhacking

I’ve decided that foodhacking is the new Slaving in the Kitchen.  At least in my house, where I’m juggling work, kids’ activity schedules, and the various eating habits ranging from the novel (Stretch’s vegetarianism, still going strong) to the…the total pain in the ass (everything about LittleMan’s food aversions, which ia a whole ‘nother post). 

I used look at food shortcuts with about one part stay-at-home smugness, one part food snobbery and six parts love for cooking (I know, that doesn’t add up.  I just really love to cook.).  But that’s because they usually involved cans of cream of something soup poured over green beans.  Cake from a Mix.  Possibly even Velveeta.   That’s not foodhacking, that’s just–ehhh.  But necessity being the mother of invention and whatnot, I’ve decided to find good foodhacks, embrace them and make them my own.

Somewhere between opening The French Laundry Cookbook on a Tuesday night before soccer practice and opening a can of Dinty Moore and calling it stew–therein lies good foodhacking for people who like to eat well but need some Modifications.    Good foodhacking is an art form.  And more importantly, it’s what’s for dinner.  For me, the best foodhacks allow you to make something relatively healthy, relatively delicious, and relatively feasible given the time and budget pinches that many of us are facing–maybe subbing a less costly ingredient here, a timesaving ingredient there (but always using things that are actually foods). Bonus points for making something that can then be divided and tweaked at some point in the process, so that there’s something that all family members will eat. 

I’m going to share my foodhacks as I find them and test them–with plenty of links and specifics and of couse, a lot of editorializing.  I invite my foodie readers to do the same!  What are your favorite foodhacks?


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