So, Want to hear a Funny Story?

I’ve had the idea for this blog knocking around in my head for some time now. 

I’m up at 6am on a cold Saturday morning.  I’m all alone—everyone else is upstairs, asleep, recovering from a night of indoor soccer and report card celebrating that ran much too late.  It’s time to hatch the blog, goddammit.

I go through the whole process and get to where you name the blog.  WordPress tells me that the blog title is already taken.  I nearly allow this to derail me for the day, and posibly for months, as I just don’t know what to do.

But out of curiosity, I decide to find out just who already has a blog with this name.  I google around a little bit, and finally, I type in the actual name, and sure enough, there already is a blog with this name.  

Anyone who knows me knows where this is going.

Yes.  It already existed because it was me who created it.  About six months ago, apparently.  Before you decide that I’m totally nuts, even too nuts to have whatever relationship with me that you already have—I had not posted anything or done anything beyond register and set up the blog name.   So it’s not as if I wrote a bunch of posts or even dealt with any of the visual stuff, and then forgot about it (thus qualifying her total flakiness).

I’m guessing that it was early on some cold Saturday morning, in March, and I was awake and alone in the quiet house, with only the sound of the radiators, steaming their promises of warm feet, to keep me company.


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